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Feeling stuck, fearing failure, and like there are no options available to you?

At The Listening Space, Jillian will help you take control of your life and discover new possibilities.  You can reach your personal and business goals. YOU can change your life.

Jillian will help you identify the changes you want to make in order to move forward. Learn which life changing steps you can take to empower yourself. Stop feeling not good enough, empower yourself through language, it’s as simple as changing your self-talk and discovering what beliefs you hold.

The Listening Space sessions have empowered me to be the better person I know that I am. Jillian challenged my previous beliefs and encouraged my inner voice to guide me, thank you Jillian – I recommend Jillian to help any others who, like me, find themselves a bit stuck in life.

Alistair P. – Financial Advisor, Business Owner

eDISC is a tool for change, where you can see in open detail, your strengths and weaknesses. You also see the tools within yourself that you can use to bring about the changes you seek. Thank you Jillian for guiding me through this process with care and understanding.

Alistair P. – Financial Advisor, Business Owner

The session with Jillian was an amazing experience of finding answers and achieving congruency between mind and soul.

Jillian expertly guided me through the stages to gain insights and reach wisdom necessary for my journey ahead.

With gentleness and confidence, Jillian held the space for me to surrender to the process and to achieve an empowering and unexpected outcome.

I am at peace with myself. Thank you Jillian.- Linh Le (Mother, teacher)

Linh Le (Mother, teacher)


A big thank you to Jillian from The Listening Space for taking me through my Extended DISC Behavioural Analysis ( eDISC).

Through the eDISC results she made me aware that I have control of my own life and how to be resourceful, to be heard and have my own fulfilment and happiness.

K Piercy – retired Nurse


I’ve seen the importance, from the results, of not just setting goals, but making action plans to consistently achieve those goals.

I highly recommend Jillian and The Listening Space’s personal coaching program to anyone in any stage of their life.

Especially to anyone feeling stuck, needing support or encouragement to move forward. It’s a real life changer!

Sue Smith – Associate Electrical Engineer